Youth Ministry

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We are the ICR Youth Ministry!

We serve the 13-year-old and younger.

In harmony with the church's vision our working plan consists of: 'Study Jesus, Worship Jesus, Love Jesus'. Translated into Spanish it is, ' 'Estudiar a Jesús, adorar a Jesús, y amar a Jesús'.

We are work by trimesters; one month we devote ourselves to study the Bible, the next one we focus more in the worship and adoration and the third month we work in companion and friendship among us.

Face to Face

by Pablo Venturini 1/23/15

Service on January 23, 2015. A message on Moses and his relationship with God and how it relates to yourself!

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We believe that this is necessary for the believer to grow healthily.

As group we met every Saturday at 7 a.m. pm in the temple and do activities until 9 pm. Every summer we have a weekend retreat where we focus in the trasformation of every young man's life.

As group we also met other groups of young people of different churches every 3 ó 4 months to do an event called '5th Saturday. ' We have the blessing of being able to serve to other churches in their spiritual growth through this ministry.

The group has great expectations for the spiritual growth and wants to see the lives of every young man transformed by the fire and the power of the Holy Spirit! We do not have major pleasure than to see every young person of our congregation being touched and transformed by Jesus.

Let us extend you an invitation for you to visit us every Saturday at 7 pm in the temple of ICR! The Holy Spirit will surround us!!